• Texas Transition and Employment Guide Translated in ASL

    The Texas Transition and Employment Guide in ASL  provides youth, young adults, parents and professionals with secondary transition resources to facilitate a young person’s progress towards post-secondary goals to education, employment, and community living.
    These video guides will be updated.


    Self-Advocacy, Person-Directed Planning, and Self Determination


     Transition Services​


    Employment and Supported Employment Services


    ​Social Security Programs


    Community and Long Term-Services and Supports


    Post Secondary Educational Programs and Services


    Information Sharing with Health and Human Services Agencies and Providers


    Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship​


    Contact Information For All Relevant State Agencies


    Texas Transition and Employment Guide Definitions


    ​Federal and State Laws


    Transition in Texas Timeline


    Make It Meaningful Video Modules

    The ten modules entitled, "Making it Meaningful" address vocational assessments for individuals who are Deaf with additional transition needs.  They are designed to provide the audience with a "101" on assessment considerations, strategies for obtaining an appropriate assessment, looking at an assessment with a critical eye and follow up on assessment recommendations.  These modules can be used by individuals for personal knowledge or by an administrator as a formal professional development series.  CEU and CRC credits will be made available through ESC 11 for those seeking them.  Interested parties should go through ESC 11 to access the modules for professional development credit to be earned.


    Make it Meaningful Lesson 1

    Make it Meaningful Lesson 2


    Make it Meaningful Lesson 3



    Make it Meaningful Lesson 4



    Make it Meaningful Lesson 5



    Make it Meaningful Lesson 6



    Make it Meaningful Lesson 7



    Make it Meaningful Lesson 8



    Make it Meaningful Lesson 9



    Make it Meaningful Lesson 10


    ​Transition Video Resources


    Youtube Transition Video Resources

    Transition Tips in ASL


    Special Education Tips in ASL


    Tips For Using VRS


    Social Media and Your Job Search



    All About References


    Learn about LinkedIn


    Job Application


    How to Use an Interpreter for an Interview


    The Importance of Networking


    What is Email Etiquette?


    Effective Resumes


    Do What You Love


    What are Cover Letters For?


    Common Accommodations for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing


    ASL TV: Getting Ready to Drive