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  • DR February 2020 On the Road: Outdoor Education-Conservation Corps (9th-12th grades)

  • DR January 2020: Exploring Self-Driving Cars (9th-10th grades)

  • DR November 2019: Exploring Self-Driving Cars (11th-12th grades)

  • DR April 2019 On the Road: Coding Drones in Lubbock (6th-12th grades)

  • DR February 2019: Coding Drones (9th-11th grades)

  • DR October 2018: Coding Drones (10th-12th grades)

  • DR April 2018: Exploring Weather (9th-10th grades)

  • DR February 2018: Exploring Weather in El Paso (6th-12th grades)

  • DR November 2017: Exploring Weather (11th-12th grades)

  • DR April 2017: Maker Faire (9th-10th grades)

  • DR February 2017: Exploring STEM in Aggieland (7th-8th grades)

  • DR November 2016: Maker Faire (11th-12th grades)

  • DR April 2016: Wearable Tech (9th-10th grades)

  • DR Feb 2016: Discovering Robots (7th-8th grades)

  • DR Oct 2015: Science and Pseudoscience in Ghosthunting (11th-12th grades)