The Nature of Happiness: Lesson Plan

  • Mr. Happy Man Johnny Barnes from Bermuda, arms open wide, smiling  

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    Is happiness a choice? Do you think people can choose whether to be happy or not?  Mr. Happy Man, an 88-year-old man from Bermuda, says yes. This man stands for six hours a day cheerfully greeting people who pass by. His plan is to spread happiness.  Does his plan work? In this lesson plan, The Nature of Happiness, students meet Mr. Happy Man and decide if happiness can be a choice they make in their lives.

    Objective 1: After watching a video, students will express their opinion using at least one fact from the video to support that opinion.
    Objective 2: After watching a video, students will write two compare/contrast paragraphs.
    Objective 3: Students will read and summarize an article.
    Objective 4: After reading two differing opinions on a subject, students will write a persuasive paragraph using appropriate persuasive writing techniques.
    Objective 5: After completing all lesson activities, students will write a persuasive letter or essay or create a persuasive multimedia project.
    Materials needed: Internet access, worksheets, optional: multimedia such as video camera, camera, device (i.e. iPhone, Android, etc.)

Global Oneness Project

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    This lesson plan has been created through a collaboration with the Global Oneness Project, who believe “that stories play a powerful role in education.”  Global Oneness Project is committed to the exploration of cultural, environmental, and social issues and using stories to connect the human experience to these global matters.  Visit their website to view the array of films, articles, and more!   

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