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    The Civil Rights Movement brought many changes to America. It might seem like everyone who helped to make those changes were adults. After all, what could kids do about it? Who would even listen or care if children protested?  How could they make a difference? In this lesson plan, students learn about a group of children who were able to make a difference - even when their parents couldn’t.  

    Objective 1: Students will recognize that any individual, regardless of age, has the power to help bring about social change. Students will be able to explain and/or summarize the contributions made by children during the Civil Rights Movement.

    Objective 2: Students will read a section of a book about the Children's Crusade and create a presentation of their interpretation. 

    Objective 3: Students will learn meanings and signs for new words, the spelling of those words, and use their newly-acquired vocabulary as appropriate.

    Objective 4: Students will write a fictional short story told from the perspective of a child participating in the march using their newly-acquired vocabulary.