The Monkey's Paw: Background Activities

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    Background Activity 1: Presentation 

    The Monkey's Paw

    Display and discuss the presentation above to ensure students have the facts they need in order to fully understand some of the details in the story.


    Background Activity 2: Historic Timeline

    Timeline of inventions between 1860 and 1915

    Display and discuss the timeline of historic inventions and discuss what life must have been like in the early 1900s when the story is thought to have taken place.

    Background Activity 3: Individual or paired Activity

    British Pounds

    What is the difference between and pound and a dollar? How much was a pound worth in 1900?  Assign students to complete the Conversion Riddle to find out how much 200 pounds would be worth today. 

    Create a copy of the activity for your own Google Drive in order to capture student answers.

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