The Monkey's Paw: Reading Activities

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    Pre-Reading Guide: Small Group Activity

    The Monkey's Paw Worksheet

    Help students prepare to read "The Monkey's Paw" with this group activity. Word Word DocPDF  PDF / Fillable PDF / Google Doc

    Or to use this worksheet as a Google Form, click here to create a copy for your Google Drive. (Note: Once saved, it will appear as a Google Sheet.  Click on the "Form" menu, and click “Edit Form.”)

    Guided Reading: Whole Group Activity

    Guided reading questions for the Monkey's paw

    Ensure student understanding with these discussion questions during the reading of "The Monkey's Paw." Word Word Doc / PDF  PDF / Google Doc 

    Critical Thinking Questions: Individual Activity

    Critical Thinking for The Monkey's Paw

    Help students exercise their critical thinking skills with these questions about "The Monkey's Paw." Word Word Doc / PDF  PDF / PDF  Fillable PDFGoogle Doc