The Monkey's Paw: Writing Activities

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    Is the Paw Cursed? Prove It!

    In the short story "The Monkey's Paw," the author provides ample evidence that the paw may be cursed. You will write a paragraph using textual evidence to prove the paw is cursed. First, identify three pieces of evidence (direct quotes from the story). After identifying the evidence, explain how each piece of evidence proves that the monkey's paw is cursed. The paragraph must follow the guidelines below:

    • Indent the paragraph.
    • Include the story title and topic in the topic sentence.
    • Include three "evidence" sentences.
    • An explanation sentence must follow each of the evidence sentences.
    • Concluding sentence must include the topic of the paragraph and story title. 
    • Eight sentence minimum.

    The following guide will help students collect evidence to write their paragraphs.

    The Monkey's Paw Writing Worksheet 

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