The Monkey's Paw: Culminating Activity: Creative Writing Project

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     Display and discuss the video above.  Brainstorm with students together to generate different story ideas. 

    The Story Arc

    Understanding the rise and fall of the story arc is important to all story-writing.  Use the video below to explain and discuss.

    The Story Arc Practice

    Use the worksheet below to discuss (in groups or as a class) the story arc of "The Monkey's Paw."

     PDF,  Fillable PDF

    How to Make Your Writing Suspenseful

    Students love scary stories, so why not help them write their own?  Use the video below to jump-start their suspenseful writing skills.

     Key points for discussion:

    1. Tell the story from the characters’ point of view.  
    2. Choose the right setting like castles and spooky forests. 
    3. Use imagery to paint a picture of your story. 
    4. Use style to create tension like short sentences when you want to show something is happening fast. 
    5. Use dramatic irony by revealing key parts of the secret to the audience, but not to the characters.
    6. You might want to use a cliffhanger, but some think this is a quick and easy trick.