Still Seeking Deaf Smith Series

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    by Steve Baldwin, Ph.D.

    In 1980, a Yankee from Boston moved to Big Spring, TX to become a founding faculty member of Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf. Then former TAD president Larry D. Evans shared an incredible tale about Erastus “Deaf” Smith, another Yankee who settled in Texas 160 years earlier. Steve Baldwin became so enamored by Smith’s feats that he drove 400 miles to visit a tiny museum in the Texas Panhandle, thus commenced his 40-year research journey. There are three parts to the "Still Seeking Deaf Smith" series.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part One: State Capitol Exhibit, Deaf Wax Sculptor, Statewide Tour, Donating MyDeaf Smith Collection to the Briscoe Center for American History

    Part Two: Deaf Smith descendants, Smith family Bible, Alarum the dog, statue issue, new discoveries with rarely published images and photos!

    Part Three: Old and new books, TV mini-series, ENT doctor, Richmond TX, Deaf Smith Oak tree, and a spooky story!