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    Be Careful What You Wish For!

    Add a little fright to the classroom this month with this classic and cautionary tale. It brings new meaning to the phrase “be careful what you wish for.” Students will love this lesson plan's macabre theme, and the accompanying activities will help them to write their own hair-raising stories with ‘scary tale endings'!  Although TEKS are provided for grades 7-9, the lesson plan is easily adapted to other grade levels.  

    Objective 1: Students will identify the themes of "The Monkey's Paw" using textual evidence as support.

    Objective 2:  Students will use newly acquired vocabulary to understand the author's word choice and gain deeper insight into the meaning of the text.

    Objective 3:  Students will make inferences and predictions based on information in the text.

    Objective 4:  Students will use knowledge of theme, foreshadowing, and irony to develop a short story related to "The Monkey's Paw."