Book: The Children's Crusade of 1963 Boosts Civil Rights

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    Book: the Children's Crusade of 1963 Boosts Civil Rights

    Individual Activity: Pre-Reading

    Students skim the book or look at the glossary to make a list of words they do not know. Students use the internet to research the meaning of the word and the ASL sign for that word.  

    Individual Activity: Vocabulary

    Children's Crusade Word Search

    Word search

    Paired Digital Activity: Vocabulary Flipgrid

    Flipgrid Logo


    • If you don't have a free Flipgrid account, create one here.
    • Create a new topic called Children's Crusade Vocabulary. Post the link for your students to access.
    • Divide the number of vocabulary words and assign to students. 
    • Have students video each other signing the word and its meaning.
    • Have students upload to the Flipgrid. 

    Small-Group Activity: Reading 

    In groups or pairs, students will prepare a presentation on an assigned chapter of the book that they will teach to classmates. 

    Book:  The Children's Crusade of 1963 Boosts Civil Rights by Heather Adamson

    Digital version available free through free membership or paid through Amazon.

    Guiding questions:

    1. How can young adults and children positively affect their communities?

    2. How were African Americans impacted by segregation, racism, and violence during the 1950s-1960s? 

    3. How were children able to help with the Civil Rights Movement?

    Whole Group Activity: Presentations

    Students present in order of the chapters to their classmates.  

    Oral presentation rubric Presentation Rubric