The Children's Crusade: Extension Activities

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    Claudia Gordon: First Female Deaf Black Lawyer who Advised Obama

    Read about Claudia Gordon, the first female deaf Black lawyer who advised Obama. When Gordon lost the ability to hear at the age of eight, she faced a life of discrimination in her home of Jamaica. After immigrating to the U.S., Gordon became the first deaf student to graduate from the American University Washington College of Law, in Washington, DC.  You can also check out her message about cross-culture collaboration and working toward a more inclusive future on the National Disability Rights Network website.

    From Jamaica to U.S., here’s the story of the first female deaf Black lawyer who advised Obama

    Nia Dennis: Rising Gymnast Pushes the Boundaries

    Access this article from Newsela about Nia Dennis, a rising star in U.S. gymnastics, and watch her video below.  Discuss how Nia incorporates her culture into her routines.  What does she mean about "pushing boundaries"?

    Recommended viewing: Ruby Bridges, the story of an African American 6-year-old who helped integrate the schools of New Orleans.

    Turn your classroom into a living museum:  Have students choose one person from the Civil Rights Movement to learn more about.  Students then create posters to describe their chosen individual and relate the impact that person had on the Civil Rights Movement.  See example here.

    Read and discuss the story One Friday Morning.  

    Make a timeline of the Civil Rights Era and/or explore the interactive Civil Rights Time Line

    Pictionary Game:  Cut out the cards.  Have students draw the word and the rest of the class guess.  Cards 1  Cards 2

    More Activities and Ideas

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