The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King: Individual Project: "I Have a Dream Too" Speech

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    Individual Project: "I Have a Dream Too" Speech

    Whole Group Activity: Discussion  

    1. Hand out copies of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” portion of his speech.
    2. On their handout, have students highlight the subject of each of Martin Luther King’s dreams and the setting (the where, such as the entire nation, Alabama, “the south,” etc.). Point out that Martin Luther King dreamed for his nation, he dreamed for all men and women and all children, and he even had a dream for his own children.
    3. Discuss with students what they think Martin Luther King Jr. would say today in his speech. What problems would he want to solve?  What issues would he see as being the most important?  What issues do they (the students) see as important?  What would their dream be?  Guide students into thinking about the nation, the world, their community, and even their family.  Record students’ answers.

    I Have a Dream Handout

    I Have a Dream Handout Click to download the worksheet.

    Individual Activity: I Have a Dream Too

    1. Hand out copies of the “I Have a Dream Too” worksheet.
    2. Have students complete the worksheet on their own.

    I Have a Dream Too Worksheet

    I Have a Dream Too Worksheet . Click to download the worksheet.

    Alternate activity:  Dream Cloud Mobile Worksheet  Click to download the worksheet.

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