The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King: Group Projects

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    Choice 1: Create Your Own ASL Version of the Speech

    1. Divide students and give each a section of the “I Have a Dream” speech to sign.
    2. Students create a poster with their version of the speech.  This will be used in the video, but can also be used as a "prompter" while they are signing their section of the video.  
    3. Students video themselves or each other signing their section of the speech, with the written or printed portion shown before they begin signing.
    4. Teacher or student string videos together.
    5. Posters can be hung in order on bulletin board or wall.

    Below is a partial storyboard:

    I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King storyboard video activity

    If you complete this project, we would love to highlight your students’ accomplishment! Send us your video to be posted here and on our YouTube channel! 

    Choice 2: Collaborative Poster

    Poster collage of ASL love sign with beams of blue, birds, sun, words of hope, I have a dream.

    1. Show students completed poster.
    2. Hand out coloring sheets for the collaborative poster. (Note: for ease of combining the poster later, trim tiles according to instructions before handing out to students.)
    3. Refer to the numbered grid and have students write the number of their piece (in pencil) on the back of their coloring page.
    4. On the numbered grid, you may want to record the student's name in each tile.
    5. Discuss colors they would like to use for background and other elements.
    6. Have students look back at their “I Have a Dream Too” worksheet and/or the book they read and decide on a word or phrase they would like to write on their coloring sheet. (Teacher might want to make a list so students do not repeat what another student has chosen.)
    7. Hand out colors or colored pencils and have students color their tiles.
    8. Hand out markers and have students write their word or phrase on their tile. Encourage students to write in pencil first and trace over with marker.
    9. Have a group of students (or the teacher) tape the back of the poster together.
    10. Hang in a prominent area.

    Coloring Pages (Zip file) Click to download a compressed file of 16 coloring pages.

    Numbered Grid Click to download a numbered grid.

    Poster collage of ASL love sign with beams of blue, birds, sun, words of hope, I have a dream.

    Student work is from Samantha Hudson's 7th and 8th graders at Young Junior High in Arlington, TX (Arlington RDSPD).