Fun in the Mud: Introduction

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    Small-Group Activity: Activate Prior Knowledge

    Ask students if anyone has heard of contractions.  Teach the sign for contraction. If students know what contractions are, ask for examples and use those in addition to the list below. 

    Show students the following contractions: I'm, doesn't, where's, there's and let's. Show them the two originating words: I am, does not, where is, there is, and let us.

    Point out the apostrophe.  Ask if they know what it is.  If not, explain that it replaces a letter when the words are combined. (Note: this video about contractions can be used to supplement discussion.)

    Small-Group Activity: Practice

    Show the video below.  Discuss each question as it comes up.  See if students can guess the answers.

    Tip: Click "full screen" for a better viewing experience.

    Individual or Small-Group Activity: Additional Practice

    Note: The teacher will not be able to record answers unless he/she has a free account.  To create an account, click here.  Play the video and answer the questions.  Tip: Click "full screen" for a better viewing experience.