Fun in the Mud: Culminating Activity: Creative Writing Story

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    Explain to students that they will be writing their own stories.  Their stories must have a minimum of ten sentences and a minimum of ten contractions.  These activities will prepare students to complete the culminating activity.

    Roll a Story

    Students roll a single die to determine their story elements. 


    Download Roll a Story Worksheet

    Fun in the Mud Contractions Roll a story

    Individual Activity: Picture Story

    Students draw pictures to tell their stories without writing.  Encourage students to use stick figures and simple objects in their pictures.


    Download Picture Story Worksheet

    Fun in the Mud Contractions Picture Story

    Partner or Small Group Activity:  Tell Your Story

    In a small group or with a partner, students tell their stories by pointing to each picture and explaining what is happening in that picture.  Encourage students to ask questions and encourage each other to add more details.  

    Digital Alternative:  Students can use Flipgrid to video themselves telling their stories.

    Individual Activity: Story Draft

    Students refer to their pictures and write a sentence for each picture.  


    Download Picture Story 2 Worksheet

    Fun in the Mud Contractions Picture Story 2

    Individual Activity: Identifying Contractions

    Students refer to their story draft and draw lines under contractions and circle sets of words that could be made into contractions.  

    Culminating Activity: Creative Writing Story



    Teacher Directions

    Students transfer their sentences from the draft to the template using contractions in place of their circled words.  Students underline all contractions.

    Download the ten-lines template for the ten-sentence writing activity.

    Fun in the Mud Teacher Directions 



    Download rubric

    Fun in the Mud Rubric

    Differentiated Rubric


    Download differentiated rubric

    Fun in the Mud Rubric



    Download final assessment

    Fun in the Mud Assessment

    Extra Writing Practice: Students may benefit from these writing exercises


    Download Writing Practice Worksheet

    Fun in the Mud Writing Practice