Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Background Activities

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    Background Activity 1: Supreme Court Book Review

    Supreme Court Book Cover

    Students read and review the short book Our Government: The Supreme Court (free on Epic Books). Before presenting the book, hand out the book review form. Go over the questions on the form with the students and then present or assign the book to read.


    Background Activity 2:  Who was Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg posing for photo

    Present the image above to students.  Ask students what they know about this person.  Display the list to refer to while watching the ASL video and/or reading the book.

    Possible questions:

    • Do you know who this person is?
    • Do you know what job she had?
    • Can you look at her clothes and guess what job she had?
    • Have you ever heard of Ruth Bader Ginsburg?
    • Have you ever heard of Notorious RBG?