Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Vocabulary

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    Vocabulary Activity 1:  Vocabulary Videos

    Students watch the videos and make a list of signs they didn't know before watching.

    Using Flipgrid, students create a video to teach other students at least three of the vocabulary words they learned. (The teacher may want to assign the words, so there is no repetition.)

    Vocabulary Activity 2: Quizlet

    Students go to to practice vocabulary words from the videos. Teachers who have an account can copy the quiz to their classroom set. To sign up for a free account, visit the Quizlet website.

    Vocabulary Activity 3: Bingo

    1. Print Bingo cards, printing at full size for ease of reading.

    2. Print “Vocabulary for Bingo” and cut along lines into strips.

    3. Fold the strips and place them in a hat or box.

    4. To play, draw a strip and call out the definition. Lay the strip aside.

    5. When someone has a “Bingo,” consult the drawn strips to check the card.


    Vocabulary Activity 4: Worksheets

    Download and distribute worksheets to students:


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