Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Book Study

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    Activity 1: Pre-reading Discussion

    RBG vs Inequality book cover

    Present the cover of the book to students and discuss the following questions:

    • What do you think this book will be about?
    • What does inequality mean?
    • What would Ruth Bader Ginsburg have to do with inequality?


    Activity 2: ASL Storytelling  and Discussion

    During the video, pause at the indicated page to discuss the questions:

    Page 9: Describe Ruth’s family. Where did her parents and grandparents come from? What dreams did they have for their children? How were Celia’s dreams for Ruth unique?

    Page 11: What is Ruth looking at? Why does she appear to be sad?

    Page 23: How are the exhibits presented in the book? Why do you think the author presented them in this way?

    Page 27: Exhibit F states that the law firms that were open to hiring women would not hire her because she was a woman, she was Jewish, and she was a mother.  Why did they consider those bad qualities in an employee? 

    Page 31: The author says, “A good judge listens closely, chooses words carefully, and values fairness above all else. This job suited Ruth perfectly? Why did the job suit Ruth perfectly?

    Page 36: Why did Ruth want young women to see a woman on the Supreme Court?

    NOTE: If time allows, have students use Flipgrid to answer the questions.  Sign up for a free account here:

    Activity 3: Reading  the Text

    Inside pages of RBG vs Inequality

    After viewing the ASL version, students read the book and answer questions to guide them through their reading and support their comprehension of the text.