Ruth Bader Ginsburg: SEL Connection

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    Advice for Living

     Collage of RBG quotes

    Students create a meme depicting advice they would give others.

    Display and analyze quotes and advice from Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

    After, discuss the following questions with students:

    • Which of the quotes do you agree with?
    • Which do you disagree with?
    • Do any of them have special meaning for you?
    • People use these quotes as good advice for living, and the quotes will be remembered for many years. What advice would you like to be remembered for?  What advice for living do you have for others?

    Distribute the worksheet to students.  Go over instructions. Next, have students answer the questions to help generate advice they would give to others and create a rough design of a meme for the quote.

    Using, students create their memes online.

    Teachers can publish their memes to a Padlet similar to the page used at the beginning of this activity or to another online space used for publishing student work.