Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Culminating Activity: Project Timeline

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    Overview of Project

    This project is meant to involve the entire class.  Alternatively, smaller groups could be used by allowing students to choose two or more years for the timeline.  The following paragraph can be used and/or adapted to introduce the scope of the project.


    The local library has asked our class to create an interactive Bulletin Board for the library entryway in honor of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The librarians want your team to focus on creating a timeline of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s history and accomplishments. They have left it to you to decide the bulletin board's design, but it will need to have a title, be informative, and reflect accurate information about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

    Note: This project can easily be adapted to a digital project by using an online app like Adobe Spark or Google Slides.  Both apps feature collaborative possibilities.


    Class Project

    Research Report


    Project Activities

    Activity 1: Group Project

    Break students into groups to research an overall timeline of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s life and accomplishments. 

    Blank Timeline

    Activity 2: Graphic Organizer

    Students choose a year to research then use the graphic organizer to record facts about the event they chose for their report. This example shows how the organizer is used with 1933, the year Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born.

    Activity 3: First Draft

    Show this example and compare it to the graphic organizer example in Activity 2. Point out the facts in the organizer and the corresponding paragraphs in the report. Students write their first draft and edit for mechanics, grammar, and style. 

    Writing Strategy: Using Clear Exact Words

    After students have finished their first draft, have them highlight or underline each action verb. (You can also include “to be” verbs if the level of the student allows.) Using a thesaurus, students find and list alternate words (example) Ask them to compare their alternate word with their original word.  Which one is more precise? Which is exactly what they want to say?

    Activity 4:  Feedback

    In small groups, students exchange reports.  Peers read reports using the graphic organizer to help generate responses and feedback.

    Activity 5:  Final Draft and Cover

    If using the supplied lift flap, print out a cover for each student (alternate cover without picture).  Students print out their report or transfer their report to the inside of the lift flap Students glue or staple the report to the cover and fold so the cover is showing.  See example front and example report.

    Activity 6:  Publishing

    Option 1: Print timeline elements. Assemble the timeline pieces to fill available space.  Students approximate where their year is on the timeline and attach the crown at that point with the arrow pointing from the year to the report. 


    timeline on wall

    Option 2:  Print the timeline “point” and “end.”  Have students assemble their reports in order, then place the point and end on either side.