The Nature of Happiness: Background

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    Activity 1: Happiness Poll

    Using, students vote* on two areas that bring them happiness. As a class, discuss the findings.

    *Students can contribute to this Happiness Poll, or teachers can set up a free account to poll their own students.

    In-class alternative: Post the headings in class and have students place a sticky note below two headings of their choice, lining the notes up vertically. Once they’re finished, you will have a good visual of a graph and can discuss your findings.

    screenshot of mentimeter graph with question: what makes you happy. Select top two choices.

    Activity 2: Happiness/Gratitude Experiment

    Can our actions affect our own happiness?  Studies have shown that feeling gratitude for something or someone can actually raise the level of our own happiness.  Have students put this to the test by following the example in the Happiness/Gratitude Experiment that can be downloaded from the American Sociological Association. 

  • The setting of Mr. Happy Man is Bermuda. Many students will have heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but may not know where Bermuda is. Give them context with the following activities.

    Activity 3: Bermuda Web Quest:

    Bermuda topographic map
    Students use their internet sleuthing skills to answer the questions provided by this web quest worksheet.  Helpful links are provided but can be removed from the project if desired.
    Activity 4: Escape to Bermuda: 

    Dock with woman walking out to boat.

    Students use a brochure from the Bermuda Tourism Authority and this Bermuda Brochure worksheet to learn more about this popular vacation destination.