Native Americans in Texas

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  • Social Studies

    4th Grade*

    *This lesson can be adapted to 8th grade. 


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    Objective 1: Demonstrate and/or describe the possible origins of American Indian groups in Texas and North America;

    Objective 2: Identify at least four Native American tribes in Texas before European exploration;

    Objective 3: Using a chart and map, identify and describe the Texas regions in which American Indians lived;

    Objective 4:  Describe tribes’ economic activities and how each region contributed to those activities;

    Objective 5:  Identify American Indian groups remaining in Texas such as the Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, Alabama-Coushatta, and Kickapoo;

    Objective 6:  Use a graphic organizer to contrast and compare the ways of life of American Indian groups in Texas and North America before European exploration;

    Objective 7:  Write a report on a tribe of choice using correct sentence structure and format;

    Objective 8:  Create and present a diorama demonstrating the culture, economic activities, and way of life of the chosen tribe;

    Objective 9:  Students will learn meanings and signs for new words, the spelling of those words, and use their newly-acquired vocabulary as appropriate.

    Materials needed: Native Americans in Texas presentation print out

    Optional: multimedia device such as a camera, phone, or tablet.