Native Americans in Texas: Background Activities

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    Activity 1: Activating Prior Knowledge

    Migration Map

    Discussion: Ask students: How did the first Americans get to America?

    Working in small groups or pairs, have students brainstorm answers to the question. Students can use a globe, a map, or access one of these 3D globes on the internet: Earth 3D Map or Web GL Earth. Have students share possible answers then compare and combine lists to make a full list for the class. 

    Activity 2: Edpuzzle Video

     Note: The teacher will not be able to record answers unless he/she has a free account.  With a free account, the teacher can assign the video and record student answers.

    Video can be played by clicking below or by accessing it on a separate page.

    Edpuzzle Link

    Activity 3: Review

    The video below is a review of the concept of economic activities. Although students will have learned this in a previous grade, it might benefit them to review and discuss this concept.

    Economic Activities Review


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