Book cover for Life Cycles of Insects. Young black boy holding camera to insects.




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    Objective 1: After watching the video and reading the book, students will correctly answer reading comprehension questions at a rate of 80% or higher.

    Objective 2: Student will learn meaning and signs of new words related to the lesson plan the spelling of those words, and use their newly-acquired vocabulary as appropriate.

    Objective 3: Student will compare and contrast complete and incomplete metamorphosis using provided graphic organizer.

    Objective 4: Student will synthesize learning to create a new and unique insect.

    Objective 5: Students will collaborate on a teaching project performing at a 75 or higher on provided rubric.

    Objective 6: Student will investigate and compare how animals and plants undergo a series of orderly changes in their diverse life cycles.

    Materials needed:
    Optional: multimedia device such as a camera, phone, or tablet.