Native Americans in Texas: Lesson Activities

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    Activity: Travels of the First Americans

    migration map

     Draw and label the map showing how the first Americans traveled to America.

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    Activity: Map the Tribes

    map the tribes

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    Activity: Map the Tribes Interactive

    The above activity is available as a drag and drop activity via Google Slides. Click here to make a copy to save to your Google Drive. The same link can be given to your students.

    Map the Tribes Interactive Activity

    Activity: Interactive Learning Experience

    Explore the Caddo Village with this interactive learning experience.

    Interactive learning

    Activity: Chart the Tribes

    Create a chart showing how the tribes were alike and different.

    Chart the Tribes

    Activity:  Tribes on a Grid

    Grid the location where each tribe was lived.

     tribes on a grid

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    Activity: Uses of the Buffalo

    Learn more about how Native Americans depended on the buffalo for survival. 

    Why was the Buffalo important?

    After watching the video, reinforce learning with this art activity from

    crayola buffalo activity