TEXAS DUST BOWL: Background Activities

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    Activity 1: What is a Natural Disaster?

    Students watch the EdPuzzle video and answer the questions.

    Note: The teacher will not be able to record answers unless he/she has a free EdPuzzle.com account.

    Activity 2: Drought in America Today

    Does the United States still experience drought? Yes! To see where, take a look at the current U.S. Drought Monitor.

    Drought map

    Activity 3: Great Plains Coloring Page

    Great Plains coloring page

    Students color in the states that fall in the Great Plains.

    Activity 4: The Dust Bowl

    Screenshot of dust bowl video

    The weather channel gives a short and succinct explanation of the Dust Bowl.

    Activity 5: Soil Erosion Demonstration

    Soil erosion demonstration image

    Help students understand the causes and effects of erosion with this hands-on demonstration.