Texas Dust Bowl: Lesson Activities

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    Activity 1: Individual Reading

    Students read a short story written by Kathy Harlin for Highlights for Children Inc.  The linked page contains clarifying questions and clickable vocabulary words.

    Girl in dust storm running toward old car.

    Preview: https://reader.activelylearn.com/authoring/preview/1706340/notes


    Activity 2: Would You Rather

    Students read through several scenarios and choose which they would rather do. For example, would they rather stay on the farm and face dust storms or move to California with no place to stay or job? After, they use the opinion-writing worksheet to explain the reasons they chose their scenario.  

    opinion writing card set 1  card set 2

    Download worksheet, card set 1, card set 2

    Activity 3:   Creative Writing Photo Prompt

    Woman holding children by Dorothea Lange

    Students chose an image from the presentation to write about.

    Questions to think about:

    What happened just before the photo was taken?

    What happened just after?

    If there is a person in the photo, how is he or she feeling or thinking?

    What does he or she want?


    Activity 4:  Dorothea Lange and the FSA Photographers (8th grade)

    Dorothea Lange and the FSA Photographers (8th grade)

    Children learn about three women who emerged as influential photographers during the Great Depression in the United States through the FSA program. 

    Provided by Education.com.

    Activity 5:  Artist Dorothea Lange

    Artist Dorothea Lange on top of a 1930s car

    Students read about the life and legacy of photographer Dorothea Lange in this article by Newsela. The article can be assigned through a free Newsela account and can be adjusted to the student’s reading level.