The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Culminating Activity

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    Letter to the President

    Overview of Project

    Students imagine they are either Meriwether Lewis or William Clark, and they have just reached the Pacific Ocean. They have seen numerous new animals and plants and met many Native American tribes. They write a letter to send back to President Jefferson detailing their finds.

    Note: For younger students, this would make an excellent partner project.


    1. Describe at least three new animals you’ve seen.
    2. Describe at least three new plants or trees you’ve seen.
    3. Describe at least three physical features you’ve seen, like rivers, mountains, valleys, etc.
    4. List three Native American tribes you’ve met.
    5. On a separate page, draw a map of your journey.
    6. On a separate page, sketch one animal or plant, or physical feature you’ve seen.

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    Activity 1: Writing a letter

    Activity 1: Writing a letter

    This lesson from Reading Rockets includes a warmup, an introduction to letter writing, and how to write a formal letter.

    Activity 2: Mapping Your Journey

    Mapping Your Journey

    Download the blank U.S. map

    Students can refer to Activity 4 of the lesson activities as a review.

    Resource 1: Plants and Animals They Encountered

    Resource 2: People and Places They Encountered