The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Book Study

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    Activity 1: Pre-reading Discussion

    Present the cover of the book to students and discuss the following questions:

    cover of the book the Lewis and Clark Expedition

    • What do you think this book will be about?
    • What does expedition mean?


    Activity 2: Learn and Discuss

    During the video, pause at the indicated page to discuss the questions below:


    Chapter 1

    Pages 4-5: The author says that in the early 1800s, most settlers did not cross the Mississippi River. Look at the picture. Why do you think the settlers did not cross the river?

    Page 9: One of the 40 men on the expedition was a man named York enslaved by Clark. Why do you think Clark included him on the expedition?


    Chapter 2

    Pages 10-11: Look at the picture on page 10. How many people do you think this boat could hold? Based on your answer, how many boats would the expedition have to take?



    Pages 16-17: What do you think life was like for Sacagawea while on the expedition?


    Chapter 3

    Page 23: Who gave them assistance along the way? Would they have survived without it?


    Chapter 4

    Pages 26-29: If you were part of the expedition, and you could choose to go north with Lewis or south with Clark, which would you choose?  Why?

    NOTE: If time allows, have students use Flipgrid to answer the questions.  Sign up for a free account here:


    Activity 3: Reading the Text

    Activity 3: Reading the Text

    After viewing the ASL version, students read the book and answer questions to guide them through their reading and support their comprehension of the text. A copy of this book can be found on Epic! 

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