The Lewis and Clark Expedition: Introduction Activities

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    Lewis and Clark: Introductory Activity

    Help students make real-life connections through this introductory lesson.

    from the movie Parent Trap, which shows humorous camping scenes

    Download and present the following video clip from the movie Parent Trap, which shows humorous camping scenes.

    Class Discussion: Lead a class discussion about camping.

    Questions to consider: Who has been camping? Where did you go? How did you get there? How long did your camping trip last? Who went with you? What was the weather like? What types of items did you pack for your trip? Did you forget anything? Is there an item you wished you had that might have made your camping trip easier? 

    Ask students what they would pack if they had to camp for a very long time. Allow them to brainstorm for a few minutes before distributing the handout.   Once they are finished, collect the handout for use in a later activity.

    Packing list