Diary of a Wimpy Kid: September

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    Summary and Vocabulary Playlist

    Vocabulary Activity 1:  Vocabulary Videos

    Students watch the videos (link leads to the vocabulary page on our website with links to the videos) and make a list of signs they didn't know before watching.

    Using Flipgrid, students create a video to teach other students at least three of the vocabulary words they learned. (The teacher may want to assign the words, so there is no repetition.)

    Vocabulary Activity 2: Quizlet

    September Quizlet

    Students go to quizlet.com to practice vocabulary words from the videos. Teachers who have an account can copy the quiz to their classroom set. To sign up for a free account, visit the Quizlet website.

    Vocabulary Activity 3: Puzzles 

    Download and distribute Crossword.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid crossword Puzzle

    Book Study

    Class Discussion:

    The title of this book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid. What does it mean to be wimpy? Do you think the character on the cover is wimpy? Why?

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid cover

    Reading Guide

    Download the reading guide.

    Worksheet: Reading Guide


    Activity 1: Review How to Summarize

    The following video from Khan Academy is a short review on summarizing.


    Activity 2: Summarizing

    Using the Summarizing worksheet, summarize Rodrick’s trick on Greg.

    Download the summarizing worksheet.

    Worksheet: summarizing

    Activity 3: Expressions

    Students work with a partner to research chapter expressions and explain their meanings.

    Download the expressions worksheet.

    Worksheet: idioms

    Activity 4: Timeline

    Put the events in order.  Events Key

    Download the September timeline.

    Worksheet: timeline

    Activity 5: Setting and Character Practice

    Which is the setting? Which is the Character? Students cut and paste words into the correct column.

    Teacher/student resource: Elements of a Story

    Worksheet: setting and characters

    Activity 6: Cheese touch video and discussion

    Discussion possibilities: 

    • How do you think the Cheese Touch got started?
    • If you got the Cheese Touch, how would you react?
    • If your friend got the Cheese Touch, how would you react?

    SEL Activity: Giving advice

    Discussion: Greg gives advice about what to do on the first day of school. Do you think this is good advice? What advice would you give someone just starting at this school in your grade?  

    Individual:  Students use the Quizizz multiple choice activity to practice giving advice.

    Main Activity: Distribute the Advice Questions to students and give them 10-15 minutes to complete the worksheet. After, cut out the questions and answers and distribute sets to groups (i.e. all the Question #1 cutouts would go to one group). Have students discuss the answers and choose the one they think is the best.

    Students present their decision and explain why they think the advice is the best.

    Download the advice worksheet.

    worksheet: giving advice