Diary of a Wimpy Kid: January

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    Summary and Vocabulary Playlist

    Activity 1:  Vocabulary Videos

    Students watch the videos (link leads to the vocabulary page on our website with links to the videos) and make a list of signs they didn't know before watching.

    Using Flipgrid, students create a video to teach other students at least three of the vocabulary words they learned. (The teacher may want to assign the words, so there is no repetition.)

    Vocabulary Activity 2: Quizlet

    January Quizlet

    Students go to quizlet.com to practice vocabulary words from the videos. Teachers who have an account can copy the quiz to their classroom set. To sign up for a free account, visit the Quizlet website.

    Vocabulary Activity 3: Puzzles 

    Download and distribute the crossword.

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid crossword Puzzle

    Book Study

    Class Discussion

    January is a busy month for Greg. Greg becomes a Safety Patrol member. What is a Safety Patrol? What do you think Greg will be doing as a Safety Patrol member? What trouble might he get in?

    Reading Guide

    Download the reading guide.

    worksheet: reading guide


    Activity 1: Summarizing

    Using the Summarizing worksheet, summarize how Greg wrote his thank you notes.

    Download the summarizing worksheet.

    worksheet: summarizing

    Activity 2: Expressions

    Students work with a partner to research chapter expressions and explain their meanings.

    Download the expressions worksheet.

    worksheet: idioms

    Activity 3: Timeline

    Put the events in order.  Events Key

    Download the timeline worksheet.

    worksheet: timeline

    Activity 4: Thank You Letter

    Students review the parts of a letter before writing a Thank You letter or email. This free lesson from A Classroom for All Seasons covers the review, prewriting, and checklist.

    worksheet: parts of a letter

    Activity 5: Paragraph Writing

    What if you had a robot? Write a paragraph about what you would teach the robot to do.

    Use the following video to review how to write a paragraph.

    Students can use the graphic organizer to plan their paragraphs.

    Download the graphic organizer.

    worksheet: writing a paragraph

    Social-Emotional Learning:

    Dear Diary

    Discussion: Greg must have been feeling guilty for causing Rowley to break his hand. Is there a time when you’ve had an experience that you felt guilty about? What happened and how did you feel at the time?

    Encourage students to journal about their experience using an existing journal or one of the templates below.

    Download the templates.

    dear diary image