• Providing Equitable and Accessible Services with Culturally Diverse Families

    Malibu Barron

    Malibu Barron (she/her) is a Deaf Multiracial Woman who currently resides in Austin, TX and works at Texas School for the Deaf as a Coordinator of Equity and Inclusion. Malibu has worked in different Deaf schools as a school counselor, including Model Secondary School for the Deaf (intern), Texas School for the Deaf (intern), Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, and Maryland School for the Deaf. And, she also worked at SAFE (Stop Abuse for Everyone) in Austin, TX as a counselor, educator, and outreach, focusing on Deaf children and adults of all identities who need support for current or past domestic and/or sexual violence. She continues to educate, advocate, and collaborate with communities and schools to practice transformative justice and create trauma-informed care environments in all places in our community.


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