• Step Out of the Storm: Navigating Crisis

    Monica Kurtz

    Monica is a behavior specialist at Region 13. Her background includes over 10 years of experience in early childhood education, as well as 15 years at the Texas School for the Deaf working with students from Kindergarten to adult learners who are deaf and also have additional disabilities. Her work at Region 13 includes supporting and coaching behavior teachers and programs, supporting the PREPARE curriculum, and working with educators to support individual students. Monica has a master’s degree in education, focusing on trauma and resiliency in the curriculum. She is passionate about working with educators in understanding the effects of childhood trauma and how to build resiliency and student coping skills.​

    • Each video will address aspects of assisting students in crisis.
    • Participants will understand the components/stages of the cycle of escalation, how to support students at each stage of the cycle of escalation, and understand the significance of proactive strategies to support students.
    • Please note that the series will not address physical intervention.


    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3