Social Studies Activities: Texas Revolution Heroes

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    Background Activity

    Refer back to the Texas Revolution timeline, emphasizing Texas Revolution Heroes. Have students re-read or re-watch either texts (poem or app) from Activity 1 above and identify different characters. Explain how Texas heroes are important to Texas history.

    Teacher’s note: In addition to the resources in Activity 1 below, you  may want to choose a text from a textbook or another history source that provides information on different figures that had an impact on the Texas Revolution. Look for text that provides information about Texas heroes and Mexican heroes who were involved in the revolution.

    Activity 1: Summarize Important Contributions

    Students summarize an individual’s contributions to the Texas Revolution.

    Resources: Key Figures fact sheet, Important Folks of the Revolution.

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    Activity 2: Close Up on Deaf Smith

    Students watch the Deaf Smith videos available on the SOC website, using the worksheet as a guide.

    Note: SOC has an extensive collection of Deaf Smith resources, including teacher guides, presentations, and videos. 

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    These questions will aid students’ comprehension and retention as they follow along with the videos: Deaf Smith Fill in the Blank Accommodated Version   Key

    Activity 3: Close Up on Emily West, Independent Reading

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    Using the graphic organizer, students read about the facts surrounding the folklore of Emily West.  Independent Reading, Graphic Organizer.

    Teaching Note: Emily West was an actual person, but the details surrounding her involvement in Texas’s victory over Mexico in the Battle of San Jacinto vary. Although the activity above includes information about folk heroes, you may want to work with the Language Arts teacher or include an activity discussing how history can sometimes grow into folklore or myth.

    Activity 4: Santa Anna

    santa anna

    Compiled by, this Teacher’s Guide to ANTONIO LÓPEZ DE SANTA ANNA explores the man’s background as well as the role he played in the Texas Revolution. The guide includes activities to cover both 4th and 7th grade Social Studies TEKS.