Social Studies Activities: The Texas Revolution

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    Background Activity: Edpuzzle Video "The Texas Revolution"

    Students watch the video and answer questions regarding the Texas Revolution. 
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    Activity 1: Reading the Main Texts

    To dig deeper into the Texas Revolution, students will read/watch two poems that summarize the 100 days of the Texas Revolution, starting with the Battle of Goliad and ending with The Battle of San Jacinto.

    • Texas Heroes: Deaf Smith and Emily West app: Allow students to explore the “Read” mode and “Watch” mode. Visit the Apple App Store to find Texas Heroes app. 

    After viewing, explain to the students that the texts they just read/watched are poetic, abridged versions of the Texas Revolution. Some battles are not directly mentioned in the poem, but some are. Students will research the Texas Revolution to identify the battles mentioned in the poem. They will create an illustrated timeline to show their research.

    Activity 2: Illustrated Timeline

    The website provides students with the capability of turning a Google Sheets document into an illustrated timeline. Teachers should work through the instructions first, in order to facilitate students' work.

    Screenshot of timeline

    Instructions for Teacher


    Activity 3: Mapping Skills

    Students locate the position of the major battles on a map. 

    screenshot of Texas

    Mapping Skills Worksheet