SEL Connection Resolving Conflict

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    Activity 1: Class Discussion

    Ask students to think of a problem they are having with someone in their life, a friend, parent, a sibling. What caused the argument? What would the student want to change or wish had happened differently? What did the student want to be the result of the argument? For instance, an apology, an explanation, a change in behavior, or an action to make the situation better? 

    Activity 2: Conflict Scenarios

    Split students into groups and assign one of the scenarios below. Have students work through the Conflict Resolution worksheet with the goal of staying focussed on actions that will help the situation.

    1. A new student who does not know ASL very well, has started at your school. Your friends exclude them because of this. What do you do?
    2. Many of the kids at school have deaf parents, but yours are hearing and do not sign well. You are embarrassed and sometimes angry. What do you do?
    3. Some hearing kids are making fun of the way you talk or use your voice. How does that make you feel? What do you do?
    4. There is an event in your community that you really want to go to, but they refuse to provide interpreters. What do you do?
    5. Your doctor's office refuses to provide an interpreter. You feel this is not fair as there is not full access to communication. How do you solve this problem?

    Conflict Resolution Worksheet

    Conflict Resolution Worksheet