Culminating Project


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    Overview of Project

    Students will boost their self-esteem and increase their sense of deaf identity by learning how they fit in their own family history as well as the history they learn about in class. 

    This assignment provides students with the opportunity to interview a family member about their family’s history. In the process, they will learn more about their own family’s story and also have a chance to connect this narrative to history. For some students, this assignment may be a chance to spend time with and get to know an older relative.



    Project Activities

    Activity 1: Spotlight on Roberta Crockett, Ancestor of Davy Crockett

    Students watch this interview with Roberta Crockett, an ancestor of Davy Crockett. Students should pay close attention, not only to the information about Ms. Crockett’s connection to Davy Crockett, but also to the information she has gathered about her own deaf history.

    Activity 2: Family Tree

    Before presenting to students, the teacher should fill in his or her own family tree and use it as an example. After discussing the example and filling in the information students know, students complete the assignment with the help of family members.

    family tree

    See for more free templates.

    Activity 3: How to Conduct an Interview

    This video was created for a theater project as an introduction to interviews.

    Activity 4: Interview Checklist

    Ask students what they should do to prepare for their interview. Present the interview checklist. In groups, students go through the checklist and ask why each of the items on the list is important. Have students take turns sharing their answers.

    interview checklist

    Activity 5: Research Questions

    What questions will students ask their relatives? Present the research question list below and go through each item to ensure they understand the question and the reason behind the question. Give examples from your own family history.

    research questions

    Activity 6: Interview and Report

    After the interview, students record and present their findings. Use the provided rubric to grade student work.