• Family Weekend Retreat Summer Programs 2023


    We had the pleasure to Celebrate Our Superpowers at Family Weekend Retreat from June 2 to June 4, 2023.  Over 60 families were in attendance from as far as El Paso and as close as Austin.  The schedule was jam-packed with workshops for parents and families, programs for teenagers and children, and evening activities.

    We kicked off the retreat with an ice cream social hosted by Texas Hands and Voices on Friday.  This was a wonderful time to gather, make new friends, and for the children to socialize with each other. 

    Saturday was a full day of superhuman powers.  Our parents and families went to St. Edward’s University to learn from our esteemed keynote speakers, Ms. Claire Bugen (Texas School for the Deaf Superintendent) and Dr. Bobbie Beth Scoggins (Director of Statewide Outreach Center).  We learned about the value of strong parent involvement, high expectations, and progress monitoring. 

    Corporal Erica Trevino and her mother, Ms. Cindy Trevino, shared about their journey and navigating the school system as a mother-daughter duo.  Corporal Trevino was inspiring and reminded us of the importance of “dreaming big, staying positive, working hard, and enjoying the journey.” 

    Workshops offered to our parents and families included technology, transition planning, literacy, social-emotional development, and assistive technology.  American Sign Language (ASL) classes were included as well. 

    While our parents and families were at St. Edward’s, our children and teenagers strengthened their superpowers through team building activities, arts & crafts, swimming and more.  

    On Sunday, a panel of six deaf and hard of hearing adults shared about their backgrounds, support they received from their parents and families, and advice on being successful in the classroom and beyond.

    Our children showcased their superhero powers and ended Family Weekend Retreat with a bang. 

    Thank you to everyone for making Family Weekend Retreat a powerful success!