The Magic Paintbrush Book Cover

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    This is a literary art lesson plan and can be used in both English Language Arts and Art classes. The ELA teacher and Art teacher can pair up for this one as part of a multidisciplinary/cross-curriculum study.  The ELA teacher can use the book and comprehension questions while the Art teacher leads the painting activity.

    Alternatively, the ELA teacher can choose to include the art activity as a reading activity during ELA classes. The ART teacher can have students view the book before doing the art project.


    • Students will work collaboratively to create art.

    • Students will be able to answer comprehension questions.

    • Students will make inferences about the story.


    • 3.1.D

    • 3.6.F

    • 3.6.I

    • 3.7.D


    • Activity 1: Pre-Reading Activity (ASL Video)

    • Activity 2: Read the Story (free on Epic!)

    • Activity 3: Post-Reading Activity (Comprehension and Inference)

    • Activity 4: Class Art Project

    *For the full version, please download the lesson plan.