• Colorful map of the 50 States with Social Studies label

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    Social Studies

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    Upper Elementary / Middle School

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    This lesson was developed for teachers to be able to use this resource in their classrooms with students who are deaf and hard of hearing. The lesson was designed with videos created in American Sign Language as well as worksheets and activities for teachers, students and parents to access and support the activity. This lesson also provides activities for a range of grades 5th-8th. Teachers have the ability to mix and match according to their classroom. For struggling readers these activities can be guided by the teacher. Students can create video responses vs written if needed.


    • Students will be able to list and locate the five major regions in the United States.

    • Students will be able to locate the five largest cities (by population) in the United States.

    • Students will identify the differences in landform and climate according to the states’ region.


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