Early Childhood Intervention

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    Services for Young Children

    My child is deaf or hard of hearing. What do I do now?

    Your journey can begin with services for young children that, in Texas, is referred to as Early Childhood Intervention or ECI. ECI is the lead agency for services for children with disabilities under age 3. ECI staff is specially trained to work with young children and their families. They will coordinate with teachers of the deaf and hard of hearing, therapists, and parent specialists to bring support and resources to your family.

    How do I find Early Childhood Intervention in my home area?

    To find your local ECI program, please follow the link below. It will take you to a page where you can search for your local ECI program by city, county, or zip code.

    View the Early Childhood Intervention Programs in Texas

    How much does Early Childhood Intervention cost?

    ECI provides evaluations and assessments, at no cost to families. Families and professionals work as a team to plan appropriate services based on the needs of each individual child and family. Service coordination and DHH services are provided at no cost to the family. Other services are paid through Medicaid, insurance, or through the ECI Family Cost Share.

    For more information see Family Cost Share

    Where will services for my child and me happen?

    young Caucasian girl and boy fingerpainting.ECI works with the child and family in their natural environment, such as at home, grandma's, or a childcare center. Essentially, it's where children live, learn and play.

    Listen to what some parents have to say about their experiences with Early Intervention.

    How do I find other parents who understand what I’m going through?

    It is important to know that you are not alone in this new journey you are beginning. Other parents who have children that are deaf or hard-of-hearing can help support you. There are programs such as Texas Hands and Voices and Texas Guide By Your Side (GBYS) that can help you meet other parents.

    On the Parent Companion: First Five Years site, there are videos from parents of deaf and hard of hearing children that you can watch.

    Other parent-to-parent resources