Communication Opportunities

  • There are many communication opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing children. Some will speak, some will sign, some will do both. All are great tools for the child to develop relationships, learn concepts, and interact with the world through the magic of language.

    Listening and Spoken Language Approachtwo young toddler laughing

    This approach involves the use of spoken language and listening skills for communication by children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HH).  The listening and spoken language approach teaches infants and young children to use hearing and speech to develop spoken language for communication and learning. Signs are not traditionally used in the listening and spoken language approach; however, natural gestures that are used in typical conversation may be included.

    For more information on communication through listening and spoken language, see the following sites:

    Within the listening and spoken language communication opportunity, there are different strategies and supports for children who are developing these spoken language skills.

    Signed Communicationyoung boy in orange spacesuit signing star

    Signed Communication is the use of American Sign Language, signed English, or other forms of signing for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.