DHHM Program

  • Two men talking to eachother in sign languageThe Deaf/Hard of Hearing Mentor Program is a free program offered to families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH), ages birth to 5. It gives families the opportunity to meet D/HH adults with different experiences and varying backgrounds. D/HH Mentors or Role Models meet with each family on a regular basis, either at the family home or remotely, to provide them with a positive and hopeful perspective from their day-to-day, real life experiences as a D/HH person living in a hearing world.

    Deaf Mentors are trained in ASL instruction and interact with children and families using ASL. Mentors will show family members how to use ASL through both informal interactions and more formal ASL lessons. They will also share information about Deaf Culture, and introduce the family to the local Deaf Community.

    D/HH Role Models will share their personal experiences and serve as a positive influence in the lives of young children who are D/HH. Role Models represent the full range of hearing levels, communication modalities (Listening Spoken Language, Cued Speech, Signed English, ASL, etc), technology use, and backgrounds.

    *Role Models will not teach ASL

    If you are interested in requesting a mentor or role model, please visit Parent Information.