• ASL Storytelling Classes

    Four young students using sign language in class.

    We offer free interactive ASL Storytelling Classes through videoconferencing equipment.  Our storyteller will connect with your students on a weekly basis with a story to match your student’s reading level.  We work with a variety of schools across the state of Texas.  Some schools have videoconferencing equipment and some do not.  We can use your school’s equipment to connect weekly or if your school does not have equipment we can offer web based videoconferencing classes and loan you equipment to use.   We have a flexible schedule and meet weekly at a time that is best for your class schedule.

     A Woman telling story about a fox through a computer screen in class.

    This program is designed primarily for elementary students, but can be adapted for middle or high school aged students.  Our storytellers have extensive backgrounds in storytelling and match your student’s language needs. This program is designed for students from a variety of different communication backgrounds ranging from a background on no signing to students who are fluent in ASL.  We feel reading to young children is the key to improving vocabulary and literacy skills.  Come join us!

To learn more about how the program works you can watch this video:

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  • If you and your students are interested in joining our weekly classes you can register and get started today.  As soon as your registration has been filled out we will contact you with details for your class. 


    If you have any questions concerning ASL Storytelling Classes please contact:

    Sonia Bridges / sonia.bridges@tsd.state.tx.us  / 512-462-5416