Job Opportunities

  • Considering the unique size of Texas, job opportunities in deaf education are best found through multiple platforms. 

    • Work in Texas is a job search portal, hosted by the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Workforce Commission. The portal lists available teaching or education-related positions.

    • The Texas Deaf Education Job Vacancy page lists opportunities in Regional Day Schools for the Deaf or the local education agencies.

    • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Jobs list deaf education teaching positions across the state. 

    • Teachers and professionals on Texas Deaf Ed Teachers, a private Facebook group, tend to share current job postings in local districts. We recommend using the search feature and typing the words “job posting” or “job announcement” to quickly view these posts. 

    • Texas School for the Deaf posts employment positions for their educational or residential programs, as well as available positions for employment at the Statewide Outreach Center.