Professional Development

  • Looking to sharpen your professional knowledge? Take advantage of SOC’s specialized workshops and training, or browse other online opportunities by topic. 

    We often partner with other educational or professional agencies and organizations for specially-designed training. 

    Have an idea or a special request, contact us to learn how we can bring professional development to you.

    Workshop or Training Topics offered by SOC

    • Cultural Sensitivity
    • Interpreters in K-12 Settings
    • Birth to Three
    • Lesson Plan development
    • Mental Health for Youth
    • ASL video production
    • Robotics
    • STEM
    • Student Enrichment
    • Math
    • SEE
    • K-12 deaf education
    • Parent to parent support
    • Classroom Management
    • English literacy
    • Classroom Tools
    • Language Assessment
    • ASL Storytelling

Early Intervention / Birth To Three

  • Parent Advisors Virtual Network Meetings

  • Best Practices in Early Intervention for Parent Advisors

  • Setting Language in Motion

Language Acquisition and Communication

  • Communication Skills Workshops (CSW)

  • Signing Exact English Skillshops

STEM in the Classroom

  • VEX Robotics

Other Online Professional Development

  • Texas Sensory Support Network Project (TSSN)

  • Challenges in Assessing Bilinguals