Freckle Juice Unit

  • Freckle Juice is a great classic story that pulls readers in and leaves them smiling as they journey along with Andrew in his quest to get freckles like his friend, Nicky.  Use the lessons in this unit to assist as your students read the story.  There are introductory activities and lessons, as well as videos and lessons to use for each chapter.

    Judy Blume's Website
    Screenshot of Judy Blume website showing Freckle Juice as the main content with the Freckly Juice synopsis and author comment

    Use this website to explore the author and look at other books that she has written.

    Quizlet Vocabulary and Character Practice

    Use quizlet to introduce characters and vocabulary for Freckle Juice.

     Freckle Juice Unit - Teacher's Pay Teachers (Free)

    This is a very nice unit that was made and shared on the Teacher's Pay Teachers website.  It offers some nice worksheets, strategies and tools as you teach Freckle Juice.