• Book Cover of Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick with blue starry background, clouds, lightening striking down the middle.

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    Ben and Rose are the two main characters in this story. Ben wishes he could find the father that he has never met and Rose wishes she could be with an actress whose life she tracks by cutting out newspaper clippings and keeping them in a scrapbook. When Ben discovers something in his mom’s room and Rose reads a newspaper headline, they each begin a journey to find something for which they’ve longed.

    The two stories are set 50 years apart and although they are independent, readers will discover how they intertwine with one story being told through pictures and the other through text. Read along with this, and we hope that you, like us, will be Wonderstruck!

    “Another entrancing, exquisitely illustrated novel…Older kids and adults alike will be mesmerized by the interlocking stories. A verbal and visual marvel.”
    — Family Circle